Football BTEC
Pulse Football Academy and AFC Pulse have joined forces to create a football education program for students over the age of 16


If you are looking for a college to study at, after secondary school and play football then Pulse Football Academy’s 16-18’s Football Education is for you.


Pulse Football Academy offers the best high-performance football academy in the North Of England to give serious players the chance to train and play like a pro with UEFA and FA Qualified coaches at various venues across Hull, world class facilities. Students capitalise on the unique opportunity to combine their BTEC studies with a professional, full time football training program.

Whats included? 

  • World Class Football Facilities
  • Pro Club Scouting Assessments
  • Strength & Conditioning Sessions
  • Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation
  • Full Kit Package
  • UEFA qualified Coaches
  • Daily Sessions & Weekly Games
  • Individual Nutrition Plans
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  • Post-Game Video Analysis
  • Guest Sessions by ex professionals
  • My Protein Training / Game Supplements

Pulse Football - More Than Just Football